Gloomy Days, Don’t Dull My Sunday Vibes

After a whole week of sunshine, it decided to rain this weekend. Sure, there were moments when the sun peeked through – but my heart was saddened when the sun decided not to make it’s permanent appearance.

When we lived in California, it felt like summertime every day. You start to take the sunshine for granted, now that we’re in Washington – I definitely appreciate the sun more and take advantage when it comes out to show off its rays.

Even though it was particularly gloomy, we still ventured out to get AJ out of the house for a while. Plus, I need to walk the baby bump. I took advantage of the gloom and wore some of my warmer clothes. I do love the fall season, so this outfit made me reminiscent of that beautiful time.

I love rock music, pop rock was the genre of the band that I used to sing in. So this outfit was definitely in reflection to that time in my life when I used to get on stage and sing my little heart out. I say little because I’m 5’1″…and a half!

What I’m wearing:

Black faux leather jacket: Forever 21. Grey stripped long sleeve shirt: Forever 21. Black under tank: Mossimo, Target. Gray fleece lined leggings: TJ Max. Military Boots: TJ Max.


I had to include some pictures of my son AJ, I think he is a camera natural! Even though lately it’s been really hard to capture photos of him because he doesn’t like to stand still once we let him run free.

What AJ is wearing:
White and grey long sleeve shirt: Cherokee, Target. Caramel Khakis: H&M Kids. Shoes: Grey Checkered Vans.



Mommy of 1, Now Mommy of Two!

So, I know I have been missing in action…again! Owning an Etsy shop started consuming my life, aside from the already time consuming 24/7 job I have of being a work at home/ stay at home mother. The past 5 months had become so stressful and I was at the point of a mental breakdown, but I didn’t understand why I had started becoming so overwhelmed so easily.

I had lost my passion for the pieces I was creating, lost sight of why I had started it all. I was snapping at my son because I was so exhausted, sometimes working in to the wee hours of the morning to try and get orders out in a timely manner. All for what I felt was starting to become in vain. I received some negative feedback in my shop which I felt was very unfair, and I took it really to heart because I worked so hard on people’s orders. I thought to myself, why am I neglecting my son for strangers who didn’t appreciate what I was sacrificing? So I decided to take a break from it all.

The negativity had really gotten to me. I felt like a terrible mother who was constantly snapping at her son and not giving him the patience and attention that he deserved.

Then amongst the madness, I received a wonderful surprise.

I was pregnant with baby number 2!!

I received a wonderful blessing during such a trying time in my life, and it gave me so much peace and hope.

So, those are the reasons why I have been “out of the office,” lately. But I have a feeling I will be posting more now that I have so many more experiences to be documenting.

Till next time!


Confessions of a Stay at home Mom

I used to always be aware of time. I’ve always liked to schedule my time to try and get the most out of my day. A typical day for me in the past would start with: getting ready for work, preparing lunch for my husband and I, feeding all my animals, and then off I was to my commute for work. Work from 9-5, off of work, drive to pick up hubby, and off we were on our commute back home. This was very single day, the same routine.  And then there was the weekend. Sounds kind of boring when you have an unfulfilling job and you feel like you’re lacking a purpose.

Now, I am a stay at home mother and although I have finally found the most fulfilling job that gave me a purpose – I still run in to obstacles. In a previous post I went on to describe my experiences with my “fussy baby” and although I love my new job, I can’t help to sometimes feel unappreciated. It seems to me that society really praises women who chose to put their careers before their family. Maybe it’s because not too long ago, women were not allowed to have careers? I mean, more power to you if you are pursuing your dreams – this is not a women’s bashing post what-so-ever, I’m just kind of tired of the misconceptions people have regarding what a stay at home mother really is.

I can remember a conversation I had with a friend a few years back; we were discussing our futures and aspirations. She went on to list off all the possible career choices she was considering and what her dreams were. When it got to me, I had a list too – one that I had put together because people expect these types of answers. But instead I chose to just be honest and say what was in my heart. “I just want to have a family and be a mother.” Well, the response on her face alone shamed me but when she finally uttered the words “that’s it?” I kind of felt embarrassed and went on to list off a few other career choices that were within the major that I was studying.

Now a days, we pay people to watch our children so we can go out to the world and pursue other things; careers. Some people don’t really have much of a choice and for financial reasons, they have to get jobs in order to provide for their families and there is no shame in that. There’s no shame in any of it, but why do I have to be ashamed for what I love to do?

When I was a working woman with a career, I did not find much fulfillment in it but obviously I had to work for financial reasons. I also wanted to make sure I had a strong working record to build a strong resume. All things I have accomplished, but didn’t fulfill me.

I know on most days, it’s hard for me to get through the judgments of other – what I like to call “Mean Moms.” They seem to nit pit at every decision that you make, or one up you every time you think you did something really great for your kid.

I think what’s important is to do what is right for you and your family. Whether that is to stay at home with your child or choosing to work – just own it. And don’t let others make you feel like what you are doing is wrong. No one lives in your shoes; no one knows your fears, your struggles, and your financial situation.

Just keep on rocking that mom life you’re living!


What’s In My Diaper Bag?

Sorry to have been so MIA lately! The demands of running a small business all while being a stay at home mother and over all house slave really puts a time restraint on getting much done these days.

Anyhow, I’ve been through quite a few diaper bags in the short time that I’ve lugged around my little guy. Through trial and error you start to learn what your must haves are when you leave the house and have that “oh crap” moment when you forgot about something you suddenly remembered you left behind. It’s important to have a diaper bag that not only can:

-physically hold up

-has proper functionality for your on the go needs

-has enough space and storage

-is affordable (some diaper bags are ridiculously expensive! Huge downer!)

-must look cute!

So I finally found this gem! The Carter’s Zip Fashion Bag

unnamed (15)

unnamed (14)

I love the cute mint color of its interior, it has two side pockets, a large back pocket, and an ingenious zipper down (detachable) changing pad (pictured below).

unnamed (13)

As you can see, it’s not only functional – it’s fashionable and affordable! I purchased mine for about $50 on Amazon and got free shipping because I’m a Prime member. I believe sometimes when on sale, you can find it for $39 – $40. It also has sewed in stroller handles so you can just clip on the stroller handles which literally makes life so much easier!! You can stuff so much inside, here’s a picture of everything I have inside mine:

unnamed (12)

Everything inside my bag I consider ESSENTIALS and MUST HAVES whenever leaving the house with my little guy! Not having these = my doom!!

unnamed (16)

First, and foremost – the most important item in my diaper bag, my life saver (hence why it’s at the very top of my bag once the zipper is open):

  • My Ergo baby carrier (link is to the one I purchased, which I purchased with the infant insert). I seriously CANNOT leave the house without it. My son AJ hates being in the stroller for too long and prefers to be held/ carried. The Ergo baby carrier is the perfect solution for this. I put him in the stroller until he starts to get fussy and starts to cry, then I strap him in his carrier and he’s good to go until he falls asleep in it.
  • TONS of diapers, because – well, this should be self explanatory. Baby poops, baby poops often, mommy must clean the poop!
  • An extra onesie for the times baby boy poops all over himself or decides its fun to play with food and smear it all over himself

unnamed (17)

  • A jacket for those days when its unexpectedly cold or extra breezy.
  • Bib so that baby boy doesn’t ruin the perfectly adorable outfit you put together for him while he’s eating.
  • Wipes pouch full of wipes. For poop, food residue, crumbs, all sorts of messes. Baby wipes cure ALL!
  • AJ’s cute sunglasses I got at Nordstrom’s for $10! They’re a flat blue color that have checkered stems (not sure what these part of the sunglasses are called, but they are the long pieces of the sunglasses that rest on your ears)

unnamed (18)

  • Neutrogena Kid’s Sport Sunscreen
  • Honest Company’s Organic Kid’s Sunscreen
  • Earth’s Best Organic baby food pouches. Now, I like to make all of AJ’s food at home, but when I’m on the go and can’t take his homemade food out – I purchase this brand. AJ likes them, they are convenient for when we are on the go, affordable, and most of all ORGANIC. Which is a relief because I don’t have to worry about what is going in to his little body.
  • Disposable baby utensils for when we eat out or go to a restaurant, I don’t have to feed him with my hands or sharp metal utensils that he’s not ready for.
  • Extra pair of socks since he’s notorious for pulling them off and getting them lost. Forget about even trying to get shoes on this kiddo!
  • Mommy stuff: Small perfume bottle and hair ties. Getting myself and AJ ready to go out can be quite a challenge. I always try to remember to get everything he needs, but often forget about myself in the process so I stash a bottle of spray for myself and hair ties in my diaper bag to prevent all the hair pulling.
  • Infant thermometer
  • Baby Orajel – because he ALWAYS seems to be teething
  • A baby nail file

unnamed (22)

  • Baby blanket, just in case it gets cold
  • Sun cap, because AJ hates the sun in his eyes
  • Beanie, for that Washington cold weather
  • Pacifier with pacifier clip holder
  • Plum Organics Little Yums Organic Teething Wafers. To calm down that cranky, teething baby all while enjoying a yummy snack! AJ prefers the Spinach, Apple, Kale flavored one. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A PACK!
  • Extra baby bottle to add water or juice to for baby boy.

A few things I also have in the side compartments:

Receiving blanket: when nursing AJ because he gets really sweaty and breastmilk gets everywhere!

A bottle of water for the both of us.

unnamed (19)

unnamed (23)


AJ Photo bombing!

Well, those are my diaper bag essentials and everything I lug around with my little guy. What are your diaper bag essentials? Hope you guys enjoyed my post, leave some love in the comment section below!

Till next time!