Make Friends While You Drive with CarMoji by MotorMood

Being on the road could be very stressful sometimes, especially when you are driving by angry drivers full of road rage. When I used to get cut off by other drivers, lets just say I would have my choice of colorful metaphors to exchange with them. Now that I’m a parent, I try to just keep it as calm as possible so that I prevent any accidents because I have my kiddos to keep safe.

That is why I think the CarMoji is such a unique product. MotorMood has come up with such a fun product that any driver can use! The CarMoji is a light up “emoji” face that you attach to the rear mirror. You simply touch the remote button that is placed on your window visor (much like a garage door opener) and your CarMoji lights up its pretty little emoji face.

The CarMoji has interchangeable color faces, I have the blue and the red face – which works best at night for me since my car windows are tinted. There are also other emoji faces available, as well as a “thumbs up” icon. The remote is battery operated but the neat thing is that you only have to replace the AA batteries about twice a year.

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Honestly, it makes driving something to look forward to and my son loves seeing the CarMoji face light up! I got a few friendly waves from using it, making friends on the road – now that’s something new for me!

So”kill them with kindness” if you will. Or use it as another way to give a friendly thank you to that driver who let you in the lane the very last second. Check MotorMood here out and get yourself a CarMoji! Make sure to use coupon code “THANKSGISELLA” to get $5.00 off your purchase!!